Welcome to the Kimberley Anne Hotel

We are a small luxury hotel in Kimberley in the Northern Cape, and we’re here to give our guests luxury accommodation they won’t get anywhere else.

The Kimberley Anne experience starts with our 16 luxury rooms where you’ll get the best night’s sleep on your chosen type of pillow, and it flows through every aspect of your visit here – from our tech-savvy conference and meeting venues, to the fine-dining restaurant and sundowner deck, and a choice of getaway event packages. Enjoy luxury accommodation in Kimberley.

What is happening at the Kimberley Anne small luxury hotel?

Delicious by design

Savour our new menu by award-winning food editor Barbara Joubert

Designed by award-winning food editor Barbara Joubert, this delicious selection of dishes features local favourites with an international twist.

Every item on the menu is made from only the freshest seasonal ingredients and loving crafted into gourmet dishes that will have you coming back for seconds.

Explore our delicious menus

Introducing Le Verre de Vin − the new way to enjoy wine by the glass

Not sure which wine to order for the table? Choose from our extensive collection of wines by the glass instead! We’ve introduced an award-winning wine preservation technique that maintains freshness and flavour as if the cork had never been removed at all!

Now you can now enjoy as many or as few glasses of the wine you love or discover a new favourite. Make a reservation today and savour our extensive collection of fine wines for every palate.

Make a reservation today and savour our extensive collection of fine wines for every palate

What can you do at the Kimberley Anne?Kimberley Anne Experience